Business Device Lifecycle Management – the ultimate guide.

Business Device Lifecycle Management – the ultimate guide.

Business Device Lifecycle Management has become a critical responsibility for businesses across Australia. The ever-increasing demands on IT teams to manage devices effectively whilst keeping costs down has led many to search for a service that simplifies the management of devices from sourcing to realising the value of disused devices through trade-in.


If you are wondering what this means, in simple terms… it’s taking care of employee’s mobile devices in an enterprise, which includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and any other handheld devices.

Typically, Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) sits within the IT department and is a more advanced solution than the popular corporate mobile phone recycling, where the priority is disposing business mobile phones in an environmentally friendly way. 

Business Device Lifecycle Management has become an integral part of any business mobility management strategy as not only does it manage productivity more efficiently but can also deliver greater value to the customer as a result. In fact, some DLM programs have reported to make savings of up to 25% each year.

The trick is finding a good Business Device Lifecycle Management provider you can trust.


What are the benefits of Business Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) services?

A DLM solution makes it easy for businesses to manage devices and be more sustainable, secure and economical at the same time.


Many providers are now offering the opportunity to buy preowned devices, making even more cost savings. All popular handsets such as refurbished iPhones or refurbished Samsung’s, which have been fully restored and repaired could make the perfect choice.

Choosing refurbished devices will keep costs down but it is also the more sustainable option for replacing business fleet phones.

DLM services also help employee productivity, by providing them with all the tech they need from smartphones, tablets, laptops and accessories whenever they need them at any place.

One of the biggest positives of out sousing DLM means it can help free up your IT teams time to help support strategic business initiatives.

Repair for business phones

If an employee’s phone is broken phone, the great news is DLM solutions mean businesses can receive replacement handsets at any location – so they are never without a phone.

Most providers will fully repair and restore devices so they can be ready to be reused again when needed.


What about data?

Data security is becoming a growing concern for organisations. It is important to thoroughly check any Device Management Lifecycle providers services to ensure they are meeting organisations specific security policies. Every device must be fully data wiped to ensure any sensitive data is permanently deleted. It is also important they provide you with all the certification to prove it.

So, there you have it, that is everything you need to know about Business Device Lifecycle Management Solutions – which are becoming a growing necessity amongst businesses in Australia.

At PhoneCyle, our lifecycle approach maximises the value of your fleet. Your dedicated Account Manager will support you every step of the way from repairs, selling used mobile phones, laptops and tablets whether upgrading or at the end of contract, buying affordable replacement devices and data security management and reporting.


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