At ReDial we supply a wide variety of high quality 'good as new' smartphones and other smart devices at insanely good prices!

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We source all our stock from within Australia and use advanced diagnostic testing and technical teams to provide you with high quality products, backed by outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

We are passionate about reuse and the world we live in, which is why we're big believers in extending the device lifecycle of all smartphones we sell.

It's nothing but rewarding.



As Australia's leading mobile services company, we believe that we can transform the pre-owned device market, changing how customers purchase new and pre-owned devices which has a rewarding impact for both the customer and the environment.

As the market evolves with the introduction of new smartphones we want to help customers move onto new devices more frequently as new models are released.

We want to make a positive contribution to society and our planet with every technological device that we handle through the Phonecycle Group.



At ReDial our purpose is to provide a multitude of device lifecycle solutions which are rewarding to our customers as well as the environment.

We not only want to maximise the value of any used mobile devices we buy, but also create the opportunity to purchase a wide range of high-end pre-owned devices that are attractive, and reliable for our customers.

We care about our planet in a big way; from reducing the impact on our environment, to supporting charities through to helping those most vulnerable in our society.